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Experience seamless streaming with our custom multi-zone audio installation. Enjoy music in every room, effortlessly.
Separate volume controls are usually installed in each room or zone to compensate for differences in apparent volume due to room size and shape. Here especially, impedance-matching volume controls can be used to protect the amplifier from overload. This system design is otherwise the same as a single source, single zone in that all zones must listen to the same audio source, though volume control is independent in each room (and audio can be turned off in rooms, as desired).
These systems distribute the same audio source everywhere – individual rooms must listen to the same audio source. This is the simplest type of system that can be installed. If designed properly, no special equipment is required other than one amplifier and a desired audio source. Care must be taken not to overload the amplifier by keeping the total speaker impedance above the amplifier’s rated minimum impedance.
These systems are the most advanced and flexible, and the most expensive. Different zones can select (and often control) different audio sources independently of other rooms. In contrast to the systems described above, this kind requires multiple amplifiers (at least one per source, but usually one per zone). This kind of system could be assembled from separate components (e.g. a splitter-router-matrix mixer, a processor, amplifiers.

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We will guide you and help you decide on the very best option for your particular needs and your budget.

We will regularly inspect your home or business to make sure everything is operating smoothly. Prior to the installation, we test all functions to avoid problems.

Once finalized, we will train the whole household or business on how to use your new audio system.

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If you're interested in setting up a multi zone audio system for your property, our team of professional AV installers is here to help. We have years of experience designing and installing high-quality audio systems in homes and businesses of all sizes.

What our clients say

Kavit Kumar
Kavit Kumar
Curt and his team are fantastic!! They were on time and installed a 75 inch TV above our tile fireplace. He also made sure to secure the TV properly since we didn’t have studs directly where the mount should be. Very professional and made sure to protect our tiles and mantel. He’s also reasonably priced so it’s a great deal.
Cris Advincula Jr
Cris Advincula Jr
We've used Curt's Audio Video twice in the past several months to install our tvs. Prices are fair and they do great work to make the tv and wiring look clean and neat. Curtis and Joe are a great team and they do their best to get the best possible set up for you. When we're ready for another tv install, Curt's Audio Video will be the one we use again. We'd recommend them to anyone looking for help with their installs.
Stephen Chismarich
Stephen Chismarich
***100% Recommend***. Curt did an excellent job of getting our new house ready with new TVs, soundbars, receivers, a Sonos whole house sound system and establishing our Eero home network system. He was able to beat the market on gear pricing and he and his team, Joe and Laramie, were timely, professional and thorough. They were very clean and careful with our furnishings, etc. Curt and his crew worked a 12 hour day until 10pm to get our house up and running for the holidays. He and Joe came back the next day to walk us through the operation of our new systems. Curt was patient and allowed plenty of time for questions and test operation and he even suffered through my delays for note taking so that I could write a standard operating procedure. Hands down, the best experience ever! Thank you Curt!
Sharon Wasson
Sharon Wasson
Curtis and his team are wonderful and knowledgeable to work with. My husband and I recently bought a home, and did a complete remodel. Part of our remodel was to incorporate smart home wiring throughout the home, theatre room, mesh system, security cameras, and much more. Curtis and team did a great, thorough job and has been out a couple times to help us with a few transitions as well as questions. Their work is top-notch! Whether you are doing new construction and have an elaborate vision or if you are just doing a basement remodel, you won’t be sorry that you chose Curtis for your project.
Victoria Askey
Victoria Askey
Curt and his team did an excellent job installing my tv and sound system above my brick fireplace. I highly recommend Curt's AV.
Curt and Joe did a great job. Very friendly and punctual. Mounted my 75" Samsung aboce our fireplace, mounted the Sonos and playstation as well. Highly recommend Curt and his crew.
Samuel Paul
Samuel Paul
Curt & his team did an awesome job - couldn’t be happier with the work & would recommend them to anybody!
Paul H
Paul H
Highly recommend. I had them do a complex install of a projector and screen. I gave them inaccurate info so the job ended up being much more difficult than we all expected. He found an excellent solution and spent an extra few hours making it all work. Great experience.
Lindsay Yager
Lindsay Yager
Great communication, on time and did an excellent job. Had my tv wall mounted and am having him back to place security cameras. Highly recommend.
Ben Reeves
Ben Reeves
I contacted Curt having found him on google, on the back of a recent basement renovation. I wanted a home cinema (9.2.2) and a 6 piece ceiling speaker system tuned into both a TV and to our DJ controller. Wasn’t sure if it could be done, being for the most part, clueless. Curt responded almost immediately and was onsite in no time, helping me figure out the best way to get what I wanted, done. He completed all the wiring in one day, ahead of dry wall. Once it went up, he was back in just a few days to complete the install. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Curt’s service is second to none and he’s always on hand for support. If you want an effective and high quality sound installation, Curt is absolutely your guy.
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